Theatro Polytheama

Theatro Polytheama is one of the oldest & more traditional Brazilian theaters, located in Jundiaí, São Paulo {my hometown}. It opened back in 1911 & for decades it was considered the biggest Brazilian theater, but due lack of public it was doomed for the next decades. In 1986 it was restored, a project by Lina Bo Bardi & transformed into a beautiful example of modern restauration, showing its original walls & apparent metallic structures, which makes it an architectonic treasure apart its cultural & historical value. The new project looked to rescue the teather’s “true soul”, without unnecessary decoration & aesthetic interventions. Actually it’s considered one of the biggest & most beautiful theaters in Brazil.

This year was celebrated its 113rd Anniversary & amongst special concerts & shows there was a unique visit to know every inch of the theater, with monitors explaining every detail & curiosity of that magical place. As a kid I had the opportunity to be on that beautiful stage, since I used to dance Classical Ballet, so I already had seen everything. In other hand, I got to know interesting facts about every restoration made, how it used to be the stage for circus & cinema too, visit the art gallery & could get back to the stage & dressing rooms I used to love so bad as a kid. The Theatro Polytheama is a part of Brazil’s history & mine too; I’ve been on & off stage but every experience I had there was delightful. I will keep those memories in my heart forever.

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Made by… Feito por Brasileiros

São Paulo had a unique art invasion: an abandoned hospital closed since 1993 opened its doors for the first time to the public to host an artistic intervention. The “Made by… Feito por Brasileiros” exhibition reunites the works of a hundred artists, fifty from Brazil & fifty from abroad.

The exhibition is curated by Marc Pottier & Simon Watson & incorporates ephemeral works of painting, sculpture, installation & video. The site chosen to host the show is as interesting as the artistic intervention itself; built in 1904 the Matarazzo Hospital, in the center of São Paulo, brings back to life derelict pavilions, hallways, examination rooms, maternity wards, courtyards & gardens with the amazing works of selected artists. I must confess I wanted to visit the exhibition specially because I was dying to see the Hospital for the first & last time; I simply adore neglected places & antique architecture styles, so visiting one of the most important medical wards of the city’s history was a burning desire & as I could prove it, a delightful experience. 

“Made by… Feito por Brasileiros” was created as a public goodbye to the world, since the building that had been hidden for a long time will now be overtaken by the architects Jean Nouvel & Philippe Starck, converting the magnificent space into a luxe hotel, theathers, art gallery & a mall. Unfortunatelly this piece of history will be destroyed, just like many other buildings in Brazil since our politicians don’t care much about keeping our history alive. The Matarazzo Hospital would be the perfect site for international art events for the next years, but money speaks louder, I guess. At least I had the chance to visit it before it turns to dust, or better, turns into something I’ll never be able to afford to visit again.

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Castelo Rá Tim Bum • A Exposição

“Klift, Kloft, Still, a porta se abriu!”

Tive o prazer de visitar no MIS {Museu de Imagem e do Som} a maravilhosa exposição comemorativa dos vinte anos do programa infantil “Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum”. A programação da TV Cultura teve um enorme impacto para milhares de crianças da década de 90 e comigo não foi diferente: assim que li sobre a exposição fiquei super ansiosa para entrar no Castelo que marcou minha infância!

A maquete que se encontra logo no início da exposição já traz aquela pontinha de nostalgia, mas é quando passamos pelo Porteiro e adentramos “os muros do Castelo” que a aventura começa. São mais de dez ambientes com objetos cenográficos reais e os figurinos de todos personagens, assim como roteiros originais, sketches e recortes de notícias sobre o programa. Uma aventura deliciosa para as eternas crianças da “Geração Cultura”, que fará você sorrir a cada cômodo explorado.

Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum – A exposição @ MIS

 Av. Europa, 158 – Jardim Europa. Visitação entre os dias 16/07 e 12/10; 
de terça à sexta das 12h Às 21h; sábado, das 10h às 22h; domingos e feriados, das 10h às 20h.
Ingressos: R$ 10 (inteira); R$ 5 (meia entrada)

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