Through Waves

I’m currently drinking Earl Grey, listening to the preview of her new CD “Confluence: The Rivers of Sorrow” {you can listen up above} & wondering what I can say about Raine Holtz. Well, one time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome {just kidding, I just had to quote Mean Girls on this post}. Raine is a gorgeous transgender woman, whom I have the pleasure to know for a few years now & had the opportunity to meet once, after a lovely & intimate monologue by Daniel Ribeiro where Raine played hurdy-gurdy. I’d share pictures from that day, but I think that grinding pictures would take off my lady’s saint aura, so let’s focus on her art from now on.
Through Waves was created in 2006 & since then blesses this world with glorious music. Currently Raine is throwing a new crowdfundind project to help lauching her new CD “Confluence: The Rivers of Sorrow” – you can check it here. Through Waves is entirely independent, being totally produced by Raine herself. Quoting her biography:
Through, amidst, and even beyond all waves: this is Through Waves, the solo project created by transgender artist Raine Holtz, from Brazil. Far from the poor division of categories, Raine tirelessly works in her enclosed refuge to create an unique world of notes and richly detailed images, exclusively drawn, specially connected. The port of Through Waves is its independent record label The Schooner Harbour, by which the music is produced and released to the public, and in this port lives the person, instruments and talents: Raine alone composes, sings, plays, records, masters, edits, draws, produces, publishes and promotes her transcendent art.

For the most part, Through Waves’ compositions work as a medium of interaction between Raine and the world: a musical therapy. Through the healing quality of music as a tool of self-discovery and personal acceptance, she produces an ongoing documentation about her impressions of life. In this way, Through Waves becomes a vulnerable, intimate experience, meant to offer solace and understanding for those who feel the same way.

Elegant and thoroughly refined, the diversified music of Through Waves plays with many different musical genres and structures, becoming something way out of the ordinary guitar-based standard of current popular music: instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy, celtic harps, recorders and woodwinds, bowed strings, accordion and a vast array of hand-percussions from Latin, Middle-Eastern and African origins create alongside with synth pads and electronic landscapes a distinct atmosphere that would categorize the project as “world fusion”, “darkwave” or “ethereal”. But even art-rock, progressive influences and gothic ambiences are present, enriching the music to astounding levels. Using ancient instruments from all over the world, accompanied by a deep historical and cultural research, Raine explores conceptual themes that cannot be compared to the work of most bands: there is nothing trivial or mundane in Through Waves.

Since 2006, Raine works with Through Waves, and released under the private label The Schooner Harbour a series of albums, EPs and singles. While presenting her own music live in rare occasions, the fascination for Traditional music from a myriad of different cultures takes Raine out in the streets of her city, busking with a hurdy-gurdy and presenting a complete different approach in the way of sharing music: a very intimate and incredibly rich offering to the passing crowd, proving that diversity and flexibility are two key-words to describe this seriously underrated project, silently humming its enchanting magic below our noses for long years.

Say You’ll Be There, Spice Girls cover by Through Waves
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Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is one of my favorite singers ever. Her voice gets me high & I start daydreaming like it’ll be summer forever. According to Billboard:

Kali Uchis is a soul singer for the modern era. The Colombian-born artist builds songs from well-chosen samples, and draws on a wide variety of sounds & influences {…}

Uchis loves instrumental backdrops scavenged from the sweet sounds of the ’60s & ’70s — reggae, R&B & jazz. {…} Uchis’s vocals channel the tender pain of Billie Holiday over Ralfi Pagan’s pleasant vibraphones & sugary doo-wop. “Music nowadays is all about having no feelings & being too cool,” Uchis tells Billboard. “I wanted to reference classic shit from times when people let themselves be raw & vulnerable.” {…}

Uchis is releasing more music soon: an EP titled Por Vida is coming in 2015. It will include production from Bunx, who produced bass-heavy “Know What I Want,” and Tyler, The Creator.

I decided to make a simple illustration inspired by one of my favorite pictures of her {I had an urge to draw these past days & since I was listening to her music non-stop I decided to portrait her as well}. I loved the result, Kali herself is cute but the Teresa de Lisieux’s portrait is shitty, I admit I was too tired to do a better work. Anyway, I hope you guys get to know her music & love it as much as I do.
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