Palais de Tokyo

The Palais de Tokyo was the most impressive contemporary art museum I’ve ever seen; in fact, it rejects the label “museum” & prefers to call itself a site “devoted to contemporary creativity”. The building is huge: more than 22.000m² of creative energy featured in all forms imaginable: from paintings & sculpture to projections & installations. After days & days visiting museums with “classic” art, visiting the Palais the Tokyo & the Centre Pompidou was a delicious {& much needed} breath of fresh air. Unfortunately I didn’t capture most of the artwork, basically because instalations don’t have the same impact on videos & they’re not as powerful so it didn’t make any sense; but I can say I had never experienced anything like that. The most memorable were the macabre doll writing with ink in a huge screen with really loud noises, the virtual doll talking to us & saying things like “I talk, you see & hear me but I don’t exist” {this was pretty disturbing}, the macro video featuring a black world – think about a black land, black grass, black sky {it was beautiful #gothgirlproblems}, a regular room that suddenly shut all the lights off & neon paintings were revealed in the walls as a piano started to play by itself & there was a fake bookshelf in the wall with a hidden passage to another room full of photographs & illustrations, the dark basement with broken lights {it was exactly like the places people go to get killed in horror movies}. The Palais the Tokyo left me speechless.

There’s always a Fashion Program in the basement, where the Palais explores innovative experiments in the field of fashion, creation or beauty. In my visit I was able to see “Virgule, etc.” featuring a retrospective exhibition of the work of Roger Vivier to celebrate its founder, reference in the history of fashion accessories. 

Another thing I loved about Palais de Tokyo was their restaurant & museum shop; it was filled with interesting art & photography books {I even found the Roger Ballen & Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky book!} among other things – that “Bansky” grafitti was on the shop! I bought myself a gorgeous & huge book from Mark Ryden, PINXIT, because well, I just had to. Me & my friend also took a pic at the FotoAutomat machine, like the ones in Amelie Poulain‘s; that pic definitively brings me one of my favorite memories from Paris.

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