Stanley Kubrick • A Clockwork Orange

I love A Clockwork Orange. I love dystopia & I love the aesthetics in this movie; in fact the whole scenario is the main reason I love it so much. My first contact with this world was with an old A Clockwork Orange book {written by Anthony Burgess, 1962} when I was 15; yes, the book was my first reference for this story. I tried really hard to read it without the help of the Nadsat dictionary, but it was impossible – if you have seen/read it you know what I’m talking about. In the same year I watched the movie & that’s when I actually fell in love: the costume design, the photography, the futuristic look, the soundtrack & of course the old good ultraviolence! Since you’ve already watched & read the book {if you haven’t, I’m sorry, but are you in the right blog?} I’ll just talk about my favorite things about the movie.

Beethoven, also described as Heaven Metal, is the perfect sountrack for the ultraviolence & fake redemption; the white outfit, along with knives, combat boots & fake eyelashes is probably the most iconic costume in the history of the cinema; moloko-plus, it must be the best drug ever invented, specially because it comes out from the tits of those white statues; Nadsat; the ultraviolence {sorry I can’t help it}, the fight scenes, the “Singing in the Rain” rape; the crippled Julian punishing Alex with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony & the last scene: “I was cured, all right!”. I can’t hide my excitment everytime I remember about this movie!

The “A Clockwork Orange” room was a bit disappointing, I must confess. I saw all my fav things but the overall display wasn’t as perfect as the one for “The Shining” {keep an eye for the next post}, so I didn’t enjoy it so much. But everything was there: costumes, newspapers, statues, everything! 

PS: I was dressed as a {slutty} member of Alex’ gang for the only costume party I’ve ever been to, & everyone looked at my wrists & asked why I had bloody eyes on it; I guess I’m one of the few who notice these details. You can’t imagine how amazing was seeing all these details so close to me! 

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