Theatro Polytheama

Theatro Polytheama is one of the oldest & more traditional Brazilian theaters, located in Jundiaí, São Paulo {my hometown}. It opened back in 1911 & for decades it was considered the biggest Brazilian theater, but due lack of public it was doomed for the next decades. In 1986 it was restored, a project by Lina Bo Bardi & transformed into a beautiful example of modern restauration, showing its original walls & apparent metallic structures, which makes it an architectonic treasure apart its cultural & historical value. The new project looked to rescue the teather’s “true soul”, without unnecessary decoration & aesthetic interventions. Actually it’s considered one of the biggest & most beautiful theaters in Brazil.

This year was celebrated its 113rd Anniversary & amongst special concerts & shows there was a unique visit to know every inch of the theater, with monitors explaining every detail & curiosity of that magical place. As a kid I had the opportunity to be on that beautiful stage, since I used to dance Classical Ballet, so I already had seen everything. In other hand, I got to know interesting facts about every restoration made, how it used to be the stage for circus & cinema too, visit the art gallery & could get back to the stage & dressing rooms I used to love so bad as a kid. The Theatro Polytheama is a part of Brazil’s history & mine too; I’ve been on & off stage but every experience I had there was delightful. I will keep those memories in my heart forever.

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