Paris; the only word that can make me shed tears in less than one second.
Paris; my ultimate dream that somehow came true.

It all started as a joke. Me & my best friend were having veggie burgers after not seeing each other in months & after a couple of beers she was like “We should go on a trip together. How about Paris?” Yeah, right. Paris. I always thought I’d never had the money & the guts to live my dreams, so when she said that I laughed. We said goodbye to each other but that idea haunted us.

“Let’s do it!”, we decided a couple months later.

I had just turned 23 & unless you were born a heiress, most of 20’s are broke as fuck. We decided to keep it cheap & real, so we had to do everything by our own; two asian girls who never left homeland & didn’t speak french living the dream.

We searched for hotels & flights & metro stations & museums & shopping & food. I used to look at my research & kept thinking to myself: “is this real?”. It was. We bought our ticket planes with matching chairs {we randomly chose a number & said it together: 23! It was a sign!} & we booked our hotel, that turned out to be better than we expected. It was 11pm when we fastened our plane seat bealts & Paris was about to become real.

This is how my dream began. 
I invite you to come along & relive those glorious days with me.
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